ABS-2016 L


Alwyn Snipelisky 

B.Com., CPA


Alwyn Snipelisky is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating, building and operating a series of successful Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's).  He has extensive operational and executive management experience, having founded companies and taken them from start-up, through launch, growth cycles and ultimately to several successful exit transactions. As a successful Small and Medium size business operator, he possesses a unique blend of skills and expertise.

• Creating vision, setting strategy and building corporate culture
• Focus on solutions oriented leadership
• Business development strategy
• Marketing and sales strategy, sales force and channel management• Customer service, professional services, consulting
• Team building with a focus on management by delegation and collaboration
• Corporate finance and governance
• Mergers and acquisitions

We provide exceptional Strategic and Customer Experience (CX) consulting to Small & Medium Enterprises to enable them to meet their challenges in a rapidly changing technological and mobile business environment.


We consistently achieve positive results by improving Customer Experience metrics for our customers with significant ROI.